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Monday30 May 2016

Student Support

Student supportImperial College of New Zealand (ICNZ) provides a range of appropriate services to support both domestic and international students during their enrolment with the college. The support services have been tailored to meet individual student needs and provide prompt responses to address a wide array of difficulties a student may face, thus ensuring a student friendly approach designed to make your stay with ICNZ most enjoyable.

Student Meet and Greet Programme
ICNZ recognises the necessity of a meet and greet programme. There are always a gap of a few days between the student’s arrival and course commencement. This is the most crucial time for a newly arrived student when he/she feels lonely, depressed and homesick being away from family, friends and familiar environment. A small meeting at the airport and arrangements for transport, living accommodation and initial counselling plays a vital role making each student’s transition a smooth experience.

ICNZ will provide an age and culture sensitive orientation program, in which students will be provided with exhaustive information by our staff, during face to face sessions, to make their stay enjoyable. Apart from information on the enrolled course, the rights and responsibilities of students and  ICNZ, student support services, appeal and complaint procedures, critical incident policy, visa conditions, dos and don’ts, cross culture, and living in Auckland and about New Zealand, etc, will be covered in the orientation programme.

Student Support Officer
ICNZ has dedicated student support staff to liaise with students on a daily basis and can be contacted after hours also in emergencies. The staff are able to assist students with:

  • Academic and attendance records
  • Fee payment
  • Complaint and appeal procedures
  • Deferment and suspension
  • Visa & Immigration issues
  • Counselling
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance


 24/7 Student Contact

The following staff can be contacted after hours in case of emergencies:


  • 021 925 292 Yvonne Yin
  • 022 160 3013 Aarti Lal
  • 021 028 90001 Vikas Sharma

Student Handbook

studentHandbookWelcome to Imperial College of New Zealand (ICNZ), a tertiary educational provider specialising in Business and English programmes. We are conveniently located in the heart of Auckland City. We are committed to providing quality teaching, enabling students to advance their career by attaining their educational goals.

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