Imperial College of New Zealand provides support to our students in finding homestays for them.

Accommodation Agent

  • The College uses an accommodation agent for the placement of students into accommodation.
  • Bookings for accommodation are made through the College at the time of enrolment.
  • Students who book accommodation and make payment and then withdraw at the time of arrival are subject to the rules of the accommodation provider and their refund policy applies.

Booking Fee

  • There is a booking fee of $NZ240
  • Students seeking accommodation will be asked to complete the appropriate sections to indicate any special requests to assist in their placement
    • Students who have medical conditions or allergies MUST indicate these at the time of enrolment.

Airport Pick-up

  • Students who require airport pickup must tick the appropriate section in the enrolment form.
  • Airport fee is $NZ95

Weekly Fee

  • An average homestay fee is approximately $NZ240 per week.
  • The minimum period of three weeks applies for accommodation bookings and payments are made in advance.

Homestay Expectations

  • Students in Homestay usually become part of the family and are welcome to participate in family activities and social occasions.
  • In NZ all members of the family usually participate in home duties such as keeping their rooms tidy and helping with preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards.

Moving into Homestay

  • Most of the Homestay families chosen have a great deal of experience in having international students in their homes.
  • The family welcomes the student in their home but expects the student to understand and comply with some of the basic family rules
  • The date and time of your move into a Homestay is agreed to before the student arrives

 Moving out of Homestay

  • Students who wish to change Homestay should consult with the College staff and these arrangements can be made quickly.
  • It is usual in New Zealand to give at least three weeks’ notice that you are moving.
  • If a student moves out within the three weeks’ notice period the Homestay fee for that period is NOT refunded.


  • If the Homestay family goes on holiday the student may opt to go with them subject to their course timetable. The costs involved are additional to the usual Homestay fee.
  • If the student elects to stay at home this may require seeking alternative accommodation at that time

Students who have complaints about their Homestay must speak to the administration staff at the College who will then deal with the Accommodation Agent.

The Accommodation Agent has different refund policies to the College. These can be given to students on request.

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