Student Services

Our Campus

 Our campus has spacious classrooms, computers for student use and a student common room with a kitchen. A major bus route passes close to our Campus. We are located in the heart of Auckland City. The campus is easily accessible by road and by public transport. The College is surrounded by a number of good eating places.

Student Support

 Imperial College of New Zealand provides a wide range of challenging learning opportunities that enables each individual to realise their potential.

 Our philosophy is focused on making our students’ hopes and dreams come true by providing a quality education that creates excellence.

 Our classroom learning environment is stimulating, enjoyable, challenging and takes account of each student’s specific learning needs.

 Imperial College organise a series of seminars for students’ professional development.  These seminars includes:

  • Writing a Target Kiwi CV
  • Writing business letters and Cover letters
  • Writing business emails
  • Email/social media etiquette
  • Business presentation skills
  • The language of meetings, customer service and social interactions in the workplace
  • Mock Job intreview practice
  • Kiwi workplace culture
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Personal safety

 In addition to the development activities, students attend monthly activities and monthly meetings.

 Imperial has a strong student support system in place. All students are provided with emergency contact numbers in case of any emergency.

 Imperial College of New Zealand provides opportunities to the students to represent their classes as a ‘Class Representatives’.