Fee Protection

 Imperial College of New Zealand has an arrangement with the Public trust, which acts as a trustee to protect student’s fee by holding the fee amount in a trust account. This protects all students fee against the withdrawal of accreditation of the College, any unlikely event of insolvency or the regulatory closure. This is a NZQA approved arrangement for fee protection.

Are you a under 18 year student?
Fee Protection (under 18 year students)

Imperial College of New Zealand follows following steps in order to make decision to offer a place for under 18 student into English language courses:

  • Application form filled and signed by the student and parent or legal guardian
  • Principal and/or nominee will have face to face meeting with parent or legal guardian.
  • College will make decision based on the meeting and documents provided. A place shall be offered only when College is satisfied with the documents provided.

Note: We consider only those under 18 year students, whose parents or legal guardians are in New Zealand during the period of their study at Imperial College of New zealand.

Student Withdrawals and Refunds Policy
Purpose of the Policy

Imperial College of New Zealand ensures that students and other stakeholders receive clear information about the student withdrawals and refund requirements. ICNZ ensures that the fee refund procedure fully meets the requirements of the regulators (NZQA and MoE) and the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

Refund Schedule

The amount of refund depends on the period of enrolment and period between the course start date and the application for withdrawal.

Student policies and procedures

The following policies are detailed in the QMS of Imperial College of New Zealand. The College explains all of these policies during the pre-enrolment process.

Please contact College administration for detailed copies of any of the above policies.